INSIGHT software webinar


The topic of the webinar is Multi-frequency Analysis and Diagnostic Software for Antenna Measurement Post Processing and Link with Simulation Tools.

In this webinar, we have covered …

- INSIGHT software 2019 new version introduction: INSIGHT’s features, diagnostics and the link with CEM tools

- INSIGHT Applications


What is INSIGHT?

The INSIGHT processing establishes a highly accurate mathematical model of the measured antenna in the form of a near-field Huygens' box, that can be used as a source in numerical simulations of the most complex scenarios. This representation of the antenna is fully compatible with a range of commercial electromagnetic tools, based on MoM, FDTD, Finite Elements, Raytracing and other numerical techniques such as CST Microwave Studio, Ansys HFSS, Ansys Savant, Altair FEKO, ADF and WIPL-D.