Adapted Absorbers

AES Series - Lossy Dielectric Slab Material

1000 MHz - 8000 MHz

A series of dielectric foams providing a lossy medium to microwave energy. The AES Series materials are ideally suited for electronic enclosures, radar systems and for other component applications where low levels of RF absorption is desired.


  • AES-14 -
  • AES-20 -
  • AES-22 -
  • AES-24 -
  • AES-26
AES Series - Lossy Dielectric Slab Material


  • The AES Series material can be provided in any thickness up to 4". Thicker materials are glued with a non-flammable adhesive. The tolerances that can be achieved in cutting are typically plus or minus 1/16".
  • The AES Series material is provided in standard 24” x 24” sheets. Larger sheets are available up to 30” x 48”
  • Material density will depend on the 1oading and may vary from 3 to 5 lb/cu.ft.
  • The properties of the carbon impregnation mix will provide even dielectric properties throughout the planar area of the absorber. The product will be smooth and homogeneous in texture throughout it’s bulk.
  • The base foam has a predominately open cell structure and is a polyurethane foam.. Its basic flammable character is modified by the addition of a number of chemicals and it passes NRL 8093 tests 1, 2, & 3.
  • Material used: The customer application will define the supply shape. It can be readily cut by scissors in thin layers and with a small bandsaw or similar when thicker. Small pieces can be straight forwardly cut using a shape blade.


  • These materials can be used where a lossy microwave filler material is needed.
  • Applicable in all chamber types: aerospace & defense, telecom, automotive, academic & research institutes


  • Wall to wall, or ceiling to wall intersections
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