Small-sized 4-Port Switch Unit

500 MHz - 50000 MHz

Broadband small-sized AUT PIN diode absorptive switches are designed for measurement systems where the space near the AUT is limited such as in the mini Compact Range. With exceptionally small dimensions, these units are specifically designed to fit in spaces close to the AUT. Fast switching response time allows on-the-fly RF signal measurements synchronized with the mechanical positioning system movement. These small-sized units are capable of handling power levels up to 100 mW (20 dBm) at a switching time of 50 ns (nanoseconds). This series is designed with combined remote logic controls and DC power. The RF signals are amplified with an internal broadband LNA.


  • OFR-SP4T40MINI-1
Small-sized 4-Port Switch Unit


  • Miniature mechanical outline
  • Switching time of 50 ns maximum
  • Power ratings of 20 dBm maximum
  • LVDS control logic


  • 0.5 – 50 GHz