PLUME Case Study: How SG24 ensures time-to-market and sustainability of IoT products?

PLUME Case Study SG24

Most start-up businesses in IoT have one great wireless device idea but don’t think about antennas. Connected devices are often so small that you can’t buy an antenna off the shelf and hope it works. Antennas should be considered in the design process from Day 1 to guarantee that the connectivity of the device will work seamlessly.

Miro Samardzija, Antenna Engineer, in charge of designing, developing and testing antennas at system level for integration into Wi-Fi products

Learn how… Plume is staying ahead of the game, ensuring time-to-market and the sustainability of its IoT products. With the knowledge that antenna performance is key in the success of IoT, Plume has invested in an MVG SG24 to test the OTA wireless performance of its Pods, gain speed and accuracy in product development, and get a head start on next-generation ideas.