Known for its skilled innovators and customer-centric approach to engineering solutions, SATIMO completed a brand evolution in 2008 by combining SATIMO Industries and Orbit/FR to become MVG, the Microwave Vision Group.

Uniting the historical excellence of these two subsidiaries under one unified brand identity better reflects the Group’s objectives to strengthen its offering in all sectors it serves. This is as true today as it was in 2008, with more than 450 dedicated colleagues working globally to innovate and deliver technologies which allow for the visualization of electromagnetic waves for EMC, antenna measurement, certification, and improvement of wireless connectivity.


A Bit of History

1986 SATIMO began business, with a focus on research and prototyping in the field of electromagnetic measurements.

1996 Embracing a change in direction, SATIMO began to develop and produce unique multi-sensor technology for the civil telecommunications industry.

2000 A network of international offices in the USA (2000), Italy (2001) and Hong Kong (2004) served a large, growing customer base, driving global expansion.  

2008 SATIMO acquired ORBIT/FR, a provider of antenna measuring solutions for the aerospace and defense sectors.

2008 SATIMO, encompassing SATIMO Industries and ORBIT/FR, became the Microwave Vision Group.

SATIMO Skill Remains Prevalent within MVG

Since integrating MVG, the excellence of SATIMO’s engineering skills has continued unwaveringly, with innovation still at its core and well established manufacturing skills from SATIMO Industries remaining prevalent to this day. 

Worldwide teams continue to design and manufacturer unique multi-probe test systems for the visualization of electromagnetic fields, fast and accurate antenna measurements, OTA testing, and RF monitoring.

Now as part of MVG, SATIMO is supported by an even wider network of skilled engineering teams strengthening the entire Microwave Vision Group knowledge and manufacturing base with talented people and the added security of a multi-national company.

Testing Connectivity for a Wireless World

To learn more about MVG – the Microwave Vision Group – its systems, services and solutions for your needs or for your industry, visit the MVG homepage

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