Strength in Unity

Over a period of more than 30 years, MVG has unified the skills of four industry leaders.

Together, under one unified brand, we tackle some of the world’s most complex electromagnetic wave visualisation challenges.

Strength in Unity


Specialists in multiprobe technology, SATIMO joined MVG in 2008, bringing innovative measurement solutions which enable field visualisation in “quasi real time”. Focusing on antenna measurement, the evaluation of material characteristics and RF safety measurements.



Harnessing advanced positioning systems to innovate antenna, RCS and Radome measurement solutions, ORBIT/FR joined MVG in 2008, offering components as well as complete near-field and far-field systems ranging from scanners to compact ranges and expansive integrated systems.



Joining MVG in 2008, AEMI was a global leader in the manufacture of high-quality, hard wearing absorber materials for anechoic chambers. Their skills enabled us to design products specifically for Antenna and EMC testing, as well as RF and EMP shielding.



Specialising in the innovation of turnkey and bespoke anechoic and shielded chamber solutions, RAINFORD EMC serves the antenna and EMC testing, RF and EMP markets and joined MVG in 2012.

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