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Con la confianza de los principales fabricantes

Wireless Connectivity Testing for the Drones of the Future

After installation and a day of training, the StarLab immediately became an essential tool in the development and connectivity testing of Parrot drones. We noticed the difference instantly. Thanks to...

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mmWave OTA Testing Gives Proof of Concept for 5G Beamforming Solution

As a research and development test tool, BBox needs to be calibrated precisely and carefully for both conducted and Over-The-Air (OTA) testing. MVG has been a leading company in OTA testing for a number...

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Validation and Improvement for World's First High-throughput Satellite Terminal

For us, MVG’s StarLab offered accuracy at a speed which provided a unique opportunity to accelerate our compliance testing well ahead of schedule. It was simple to characterize relevant components and...

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Ensuring time-to-market and sustainability

Most start-up businesses in IoT have one great wireless device idea but don’t think about antennas. Connected devices are often so small that you can’t buy an antenna off the shelf and hope it works....

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