Anechoic Chambers
NF or FF Antenna Measurement Chamber

MVG antenna measurement chambers provide the necessary RF quiet environment in which to conduct many different testing applications such as for automobile and telecom wireless technology, Aerospace & Defense radome and RCS, and more. Sized according to customer requirements, these chambers are also modular and therefore easily dismantled for relocation.

NF or FF Antenna Measurement Chamber
Key features
  • Pre compliant for Immunity and Emission performance in accordance with EN61000.4.3/EN50147-1
  • Meets several ETSI test standards
  • Flexible modular design enables easy site changes or upgrades
  • Independently certified 100dB @ 18 GHz shielding performance (1SO 17025)
  • Small sizes for many RF devices like Bluetooth and RFID, large chambers for full scale aerospace or automotive devices
  • Available as a turnkey package – chamber, multi-probe array, antenna & mast, turntables, instrumentation and software
  • Testing of various wireless devices- mobile phones, laptops, tablettes; automobile wireless technology; aircraft radomes and antennas. Testing for EMC is also possible.