Receive Unit
500.00 MHz – 50000.00 MHz

The Receive (RX) Unit is a simplified version of the Transmit and Receive Unit. These units allow only down frequency conversion and thus represent a cost-effective solution for antenna measurement systems.
Receive Units offer the option to include a Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) to gain the received signals.

OFR-RX00520-1, OFR-RX00520-2, OFR-RX00540-1, OFR-RX00540-2, OFR-RX00550-1, OFR-RX00550-2
Key features
  • - Simple and cost-effective RF front end for antenna measurement
  • - Stable VSWR towards the AUT or probe/feed
  • - Complimentary to Transmit and Receive RF unit from Probe/Feed and AUT sides
  • - Supports receive mode only
Frequency Range
  • 0.5 - 50 GHz