Spurious error signals from absorbers and other structures in the measurement set-up can significantly decrease the measurement accuracy in standard antenna measurement configurations. MV-Echo, the echo reduction toolbox, attenuates the effects of such undesired signals and significantly improves measurement accuracy.

Main features
  • The algorithm of the module is based on the modal filtering of the fields in the Spherical Wave Harmonics domain. It is compatible with MVG software suites: SatEnv, MiDAS and 959 Spectrum.
  • - Filter out echoes in Near-field (Spherical, Cylindrical and Planar) and Far-field measurement systems
  • - Optimize the AUT minimum sphere
  • - Fast computation
  • - Optimization of used memory
  • - Robustness against noise
  • Improve accuracy in the estimation of antenna performances
  • - 3D-Radiation Pattern
  • - Directivity / Gain
  • - Side Lobe Level (SLL)
  • - Cross-Polar Discrimination (XPD)
  • Apply to standard measurement set-up and AUT configurations in an easy post-processing step