Public RF Safety


700 MHz - 18000 MHz

FlashRad has been a very popular way of measuring excessive EMF radiation. This second generation FlashRad will now monitor frequencies down to 700Mhz and detect EMF levels lower than 0.5V/m.


  • Connected for data transfer and alarms
  • Alert users with sound, light or mail
  • Cover frequencies of all cellular networks including short pulsed signals
  • Monitor low EMF levels in public areas
  • Various power supply possibilities


  • Continuous measurement of EMF levels. Each monitor detects signals and then transmits the data to the surveillance PC to be processed individually
  • Data is collected separately from each monitor in place


  • Companies situated near antennas or radar transmitters, who wish to protect their employees from questionable EMF levels (military bases, airports, etc.)
  • Municipalities for measurements in public areas
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