Public RF Safety

EMF Visual Software

EMF Visual software, reference in the industry, offers reliable and fast calculations. It allows the visualization of electromagnetic fields in a determined zone (near-field/far-field), taking into account the multiple emitters and their interaction with surrounding buildings. The fully upgraded software package offers new and enhanced features. It proposes an advanced mode that uses GPU resources to cover larger areas for exposure evaluation. It also enables the use of the GIS database or 3D objects conversion for a direct loading of virtual 3D scenes while interfacing with SketchUp software.

Determine BTS antenna RF Safety Parameters from your MVG SG System

It is now possible to assess antenna compliance and RF safety parameters using your existing MVG SG system. A simple process allows you to export BTS measurement data from your automated antenna measurement software suite to EMF Visual.


  • Completely redesign interface
  • GPU-accelerated computing for fast exposure evaluation
  • Precise and fast creation of 3D environment
  • Beam Steering function for simulations using 5G Massive MIMO antennas
  • The RF exposure results as part of the assessment report for EN 62232


  • Cellular network operators/installer, broadcast companies, regulatory bodies, municipalities


  • EMF Visual is a prediction, analysis and communication tool, which can accurately simulate exposure in both near and far field of the antennas while taking into account its environment
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