Planar Wide Mesh Scanning using Multi-Probe Systems


Planar Wide Mesh Scanning using Multi-Probe Systems.png

The reduction of acquisition time in planar near field systems is a high interest topic when active arrays or multi beam antennas are measured. Different solutions have been provided in the last years: multi-probe measurements systems and the Planar Wide Mesh (PWM) methodology, which implements a non redundant sampling scheme that reduces the number of samples required for the far-field transformation, are two of the most well known techniques. This paper proposes the combination of both approaches to derive a multi-probe PWM grid which reduces the measurement times to the minimum. The method is based on treating the near-field to far-field transformation as an inverse source problem. The multi probe PWM is designed with a global optimization process which finds the best measurement locations of the probe array that guarantee a numerically stable inversion of the problem. A simulated measurement example with the VAST12 antenna is presented where the total number of samples is reduced by a factor of 100 using a 4 × 4 probe array.


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