Shielded Doors
SmartShield Door Systems
0.00 MHz – 40000.00 MHz

A wide range of shielded door systems: single, double, sliding, acoustic, non-acoustic, automatic, manual, and more, for various applications. Whether you need manually operated personnel doors or fully automated doors suitable for aircraft access, our doors are manufactured to the same high quality as our shielded rooms and complement with excellence any high performance shielding system.

SmartShield Door Systems
  • All chamber types from small compact dimensions to large chambers for aircrafts EMC, antenna testing, data centers and other shielded rooms
Key features
  • - Performance range 10 KHz - 40 GHz
  • - Low maintenance replaceable gasket design
  • - Fits modular or welded shielded rooms
  • - Fire resistant & acoustic applications available
  • - Integrated lift & access platforms
  • - Customized, modular design enabling unlimited options for shielded room upgrades or relocations
  • - Available in a wide range of dimensions & configurations
  • 0.9 m wide - 20 m wide or more
  • - Door ramp system, manual or automatic
  • - Lift platforms for access
  • - Security locking systems
Standard equipment
  • - Single, double or sliding door opening leaf arrangement with manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic opening system
  • - Replaceable gasket system
  • - Painted finish to customers requirement
  • - Packed ready for transportation