MVG为天线和电磁兼容测试以及射频和电磁屏蔽提供消声室和吸波材料。为了满足特定客户的要求,我们设计了SmartShieldTM 智能屏蔽模块、精密切割和涂层吸波材料。我们从30多年的经验中获得的知识确保我们产品的高质量和耐久性,以及我们团队的专业性。


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At MVG we design, manufacture, and install best in class semi and fully anechoic chambers and shielded rooms, for a wide variety of EMC, EMPP, RF, microwave and antenna applications. Our solutions are used extensively in the aerospace, defense, telecommunications, commercial electronics and automotive industries as inhouse facilities, and also by major test houses. Whatever you need a quiet RF environment for, such as for EMC testing, be that emissions, immunity, pre-compliant or compliant, within MVG’s wide portfolio, coupled with our experience of delivering chambers for over 30 years, we will have a solution for your needs.