AUT Switch Unit
100.00 MHz – 50000.00 MHz

Broadband AUT PIN diode absorptive switches are designed for multi-port antenna measurement. Fast switching RF response time allows on-the-fly RF signal measurements synchronized with the positioning system movement. These RF switches are designed to handle power levels up to 100 mW at a switching time of 50 ns (nanoseconds), and can be operated using remote logic controls. The RF signals can be amplified with an internal broadband LNA.

OFR-SP4T0105F-1, OFR-SP4T0518F-1, OFR-SP4T0140F-1, OFR-SP4T0140F-2, OFR-SP8T0120F-1, OFR-SP4T0150F-1, OFR-SP8T0518F-1, OFR-SP8T0140F-1, OFR-SP8T0140F-2, OFR-SP8T0150F-1, OFR-SP16T0518F-1, OFR-SP16T0140F-1, OFR-SP16T0140F-2, OFR-SP16T0150F-1 and more
Key features
  • - Available configurations are SP4T, SP8T, SP16T, SP32T, SP64T
  • - Switching time of 50 ns maximum
  • - Power ratings of 20 dBm maximum
  • - LVDS control logic
Frequency Range
  • 0.1 - 50 GHz