Introducing SG Evo, a New Test System with Oversampling from Probe Array

Introducing SG Evo

We are pleased to introduce the SG Evo, a multi-probe spherical near-field antenna measurement system, designed for heavy DUTs and high accuracy applications.

We’ve named it “Evo”, as SG Evo evolves from our legacy SG systems with the goal to help our customers gain speed and accuracy in their antenna and connectivity testing processes.

The SG Evo incorporates oversampling positioning within the arch, eliminating the need to tilt the device under test (DUT) when oversampling, and consequently avoiding gravitational deflections of the DUT and azimuth positioner, even when testing heavy DUTs. 

Additionally, the SG Evo can be configured with multiple parallel receivers, dramatically reducing measurement time, especially when testing a large number of frequencies or devices with many potential antenna beam states.

Last but not least, the high frequencies of 5G technology are covered. The SG Evo performs antenna measurements AND OTA testing. Testing can therefore be completed both at subsystem and at the fully integrated system level of wireless devices.

We are excited to see how these new features will add value to our customers’ test processes and upcoming innovation.

Find out more about SG Evo in our new brochure: