RF Transmit and Receive Unit
500.00 MHz – 50000.00 MHz

Transmit and Receive (TX/RX) Units are up and down frequency converters used in an MVG-Orbit/FR antenna measurement system. These RF modules are designed to be symmetrically placed on the probe/feed and/or AUT sides of the antenna measurement system.

OFR-TXRX00520-1, OFR-TXRX00520-2, OFR-TXRX00520-3, OFR-TXRX00520-4, OFR-TXRX00540-1, OFR-TXRX00540-2, OFR-TXRX00540-3, OFR-TXRX00540-4, OFR-TXRX00550-1, OFR-TXRX00550-2, OFR-TXRX00550-3, OFR-TXRX00550-4
Key Features
  • - Supports both Transmit and Receive Mode
  • - Allows for the use of low frequency RF cables
  • - Used in conjunction with a basic Vector Network Analyzer (up to 20 GHz) with external IF inputs
  • - Extends the dynamic range of the antenna measurement system. Typical dynamic range above 80 dB
  • - Optimizes dynamic range
  • - Provides stable VSWR toward the AUT and probe/feed
  • - Identical RF units, interchangeable for the probe/feed or AUT sides
Frequency Range
  • 0.5 – 50 GHz