Single-probe Systems
TScan | Near-Field Planar Scanner
100.00 MHz – 110000.00 MHz

TScan is a fast and ultra-accurate near-field planar scanner with the latest motor drive and encoder technologies. High acceleration of the linear motors for stepped and continuous mode operation optimizes the performance and cost of the scanner. Excellent manufacturing precision combined with direct readout high resolution linear encoders and careful alignment ensure unrivaled mechanical positioning accuracy and planarity. X-axis travel up to 50 m, Y-axis travel up to 26 m.

AL-4951, AL-49510, AL-49520, AL-49530, AL-49540
Measurement capabilities
  • Gain
  • Beamwidth
  • Sidelobe levels
  • Radiation pattern in any polarizations- (linear)
  • Multi beam antenna measurement and calibration
  • Directivity
  • Cross-polar discrimination
  • 3D radiation (limited coverage)
  • Antenna efficiency
  • Beam pointing properties
Max weight of DUT
  • DUT is stationary, therefore the maximum weight of the DUT is limited by the foundation, antenna mount including any DUT alignment features, and building infrastructure.
  • Near-field/Planar
  • Near-field/Spherical (optional)
  • Near-field/Cylindrical
Typical dynamic range
  • 80 dB, depending on the frequency and antenna gain
  • MiDAS with NF/FF planar transform
  • 959 Spectrum (North America only)
  • MV-Echo
  • Advanced post processing with MV-Plane and Insight
Available movements
  • X – travel: up to 50 m
  • Y – travel: up to 26 m
  • Z – travel: up to 3 m
  • Polarization: 360°