959 Spectrum

Introducing the new and improved Spectrum V7 data acquisition software! This is the V7 version of both 959 Acquisition and 959 DataPro modules. This upgrade supports Windows 10.

Featuring scripting capabilities, full support for calibration and measurement using multi-probe arrays by MVG, near-field to far-field transforms, and an echo reduction toolbox.

This software is designed specifically for antenna measurement requirements in the United States.

959 - S1 Antenna Measurement, 959 - S2 RCS Measurement, 959 - S3 Antenna & RCS Measurement, 959 - S4 Radome Measurement
Main Features
  • US specific software
  • Support of Windows 10
  • NF-FF transforms
  • Scripting based on MS COM technology
  • New flexible test parameter viewer - allows for hiding and re-ordering topics
  • EIRP measurement and analysis support
  • AL-4806 positioner – dynamic limits. Axis limits based on the position of another axis. Enhanced driver - GUI setup, built in multi-controller support, customizable homing, higher precision position reporting
  • PNA support for power meter and voltage
  • 2-D beam peaks in DataPro
  • Quick look plots – Overlay multiple frequencies
  • Home axes – multiple predefined positions supported
  • Phase Correction – to compensate for the fluctuations in RF cables
  • Calibration techniques
  • Device tables – to account for various measurement losses, NF and FF
  • Echo reduction toolbox
  • Far-Field Antenna
  • Near-Field Antenna (Using Add-On Transforms)
  • Radar Cross Section (RCS)
  • Radome