MiDAS Measurement Software

The MiDAS Software Suite offers fully-automated data acquisition and analysis capabilities for far-field and near-field antenna measurements via a user-friendly graphical interface.

Main features
  • - Multi axis control with linked axis capabilities
  • - Supports a wide variety of receivers, signal sources, spectrums, network analyzers such as Agilent, R&S, Anritsu
  • - Continuous, step or spin measurement mode
  • - Variable aspect sampling (dynamic velocity or on- the-fly velocity adjustment)
  • - Diagnostics tools including axis and RF signal control for a predefined frequency/beam/switch
  • - Multiple real time display (displays multiples cuts/frequencies/beams in parallel)
  • - Unlimited shaped area data acquisition: defines a discrete collection of points for measurement
  • - Batch acquisition mode
  • - Complete setup configuration, including all parameters, saved in a file
  • - Redo partial scan on a completed measured file
  • - Hide/show frequencies (for confidentiality)
  • - Start measurement with a predefined delay
  • - Extensive on-line error checking
  • - Auto repeat scan on error during measurement
  • - Uncompleted measurement continuing capability in case of power shut down
  • - Direct and/or gain transfer calibration capabilities
  • - Support probe array systems
  • - Restore a setup file from a measurement data file
System level testing capabilities
  • - G/T, G/F, EIRP, SFD