Measurement Probes and Feeds
Compact Range Feed Horns
690.00 MHz – 110000.00 MHz

Compact Range Feed Horns are a solution for illumination of CATR systems, direct range illumination and illumination of reflector antennas.

LGF-11, AL-2310-SL, AL-2309-DL, AL-2309-SL
Technical Performance
  • Rotationally symmetric radiation pattern
  • Low cross polarization
  • Stable amplitude taper with frequency
  • Optimized reflector edge and chamber wall illumination
  • Axially corrugated aperture
  • High precision mechanical mounting
Surface treatment
  • Surtec 650 according to MIL-C 5541E class 3
  • Stiff and robust mechanical design
  • Standard MVG circular interface for precision centering
  • Precision pin for accurate polarization alignment
  • Precision machined
  • Highly reliable RF components
Delivered documents
  • Typical performance data (TYMEDA™)
  • Measured return loss data
  • RF absorbers panel (available only on specified models)
  • Integrated polarization switch (available only on dual linear polarized models)