Positioning Antennas
GALILEO / GPS / GLONASS - Base Station Reference Antenna

This antenna has been designed under the SWIRLS contract with the Galileo Supervisory Authority (GSA) specifically targeting reference applications with a high level of flexibility in terms of covered frequency bands.

Technical performance
  • Excellent phase center and group delay stability
  • Highly stable radiation pattern (magnitude & phase)
  • Optimized radiating element combined with a choke ring provides excellent multi-path immunity
  • Wide operational bandwidth of the cross dipoles
  • Reduced ohmic losses (< 1.0 dB)
  • Sealed radome to be used in severe environments
  • Dedicated filters for out-of-band rejection and dedicated LNA for pre-amplification
  • Reduced accommodation (easy to install at the top of a mast)
Delivered documents
  • Measured return loss
  • Measured radiation pattern
  • Phase center calibration report
Related standards
  • IEC 60068-2/14; -2/6; -2/64; -2/32
  • EN 55022
  • Specific radome