Telecommunication Antennas
Dual Circular Polarized Reflector Feed
2000.00 MHz – 2500.00 MHz

Dual Circular Polarized Reflector Feed is a solution for reflector feed for ground station transmitter and simultaneous TX/RX in dual circular polarization.

Technical Performance
  • Dual circular polarization (LHCP/RHCP)
  • Constant gain over frequency
  • Smooth radiation pattern with low sidelobes
  • Low blockage for onset reflectors
  • Circular corrugated radiating section
  • Integrated septum polarizer
  • ​Resists harsh environmental conditions
Surface treatment
  • Surtec 650 according to MIL-C 5541E class 3
  • White polyurethane paint
  • Stiff and robust mechanical design
  • Precision pins for accurate polarization alignment
  • Precision machined
  • High reliability coaxial connectors
Delivered documents
  • Typical performance data (TYMEDA™)
  • Measured return loss data and port-to-port coupling
  • Integrated thermal housing with radome