EMC Antennas
EMC Dual Ridge Horn Antenna (EH118)
1000.00 MHz – 18000.00 MHz

The EH118 EMC Horn combines stable gain performance and low VSWR with wide band frequency operation. The horn is single linearly polarized with excellent cross-polar discrimination. The unique horn design suppresses any possible excitation of higher order modes in the aperture and maintains a well-defined smooth radiation pattern in the direction of the boresight axis throughout the operational bandwidth.

Technical Performance
  • Single linear polarization
  • Smooth / balanced gain with frequency
  • Low return loss / VSWR
  • Ultra wide bandwidth (18:1)
  • Precision machined
  • Stiff/robust and lightweight mechanical design
  • High reliability N coaxial connector
Delivered Documents
  • Technical Description Document
  • Storage box
  • Standard axial mounting interface