Rotary Positioners
EL/AZ Positioners: Heavy Duty

These MVG-Orbit/FR Legacy Series EL/AZ Positioners provide accurate, balanced rotation, and controllable velocity of 2 axes, for the positioning of very large devices in test configurations.
Their rugged yet straight-forward construction ensures maximum reliability and trouble-free operation, yielding the best size and weight/performance ratio.
Typically, the unit includes the body, precise slew bearings, a DC motor, gear reducer, encoder/synchro, and limit switch assembly. The turntable surface is designed with a threaded mounting hole pattern for ease of use. A Safe/Operate switch is included to ensure safety.

AL-4216-1, AL-4206-1, AL-4207-1, AL-4217-1, AL-4209-1, AL-4210-1, AL-4211-1
  • General Purpose Positioning Subsystems
  • Far-Field & Near-Field Antenna Measurements
  • Aircraft Measurements
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use
Key Features
  • Broad Selection – 7 Models
  • Vertical Loads Ranging from 30,000 to 50,000 lbs (13,610 to 22,680 kg)
  • Platform Sizes Ranging from 34.3 x 34.1 in to 92.5 in / 870 x 866 mm to 2350 mm (diameter)
  • Excellent Angular Position Accuracy
  • Low Backlash Design
  • Precision Bearings
  • Closed Loop Servo Control
  • Industry-Standard Wiring
  • Tachometers for Optimum Speed Regulation & Control
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range: - 4° F to 140° F (- 20° C to 60° C)
  • Fully Enclosed Design of Drive Gear Train & Data Take-Off
  • Wide Variety of Available Options