Occupational RF Safety
EME Wide
0.10 MHz – 6500.00 MHz

The EME Wide is a wideband field meter to monitor and record EMF Exposure. It is equipped with a tri-axial probe which guarantees measurement isotropy. Each device comes with a calibration report. The performance of this sensor has been optimized to ensure maximum isotropy.

EME Wide
Measurements and results
  • - Isotropic or single axis (X, Y, Z) instantaneous field value
  • - Maximum, RMS or Time/Spatial average of isotropic field value
  • - Selectable unit (V/m, A/m, W/m²)
  • - Alarm function (buzzer) with programmable field threshold
  • - Measurements store in non-volatile memory (up to 20000 points).
Equipment interfaces
  • - Easy use from the 5 keys membrane keypad
  • - 7 cm (2.8”) LCD display with led backlight
  • - Optical link for communication with PC and remote control
  • - Other information: date & time, temperature, battery charge status
Battery and charge
  • - AA rechargeable NiMH battery
  • - External wall charger with set of plugs
  • - Automatic shutdown for very low battery or during recharge
User profile
  • - Workers near antennas, including installers, maintenance workers, broadcasters, and cellular carrier employees: for the control of the compliance of the exposure level with the standards and safety perimeter definition.
  • - Certification laboratory, regulatory body: for control and monitoring of the exposure in public or private locations and site certification.
Measurement capabilities
  • - Continuous EM field level measurements
Frequency bands
  • - 100 KHz to 6.5 GHz
Related recommendations
  • - 2013/35/EU Directive
  • - ICNIRP
  • - FCC 96-326
  • - Safety Code 6
  • - Exposure thresholds are user-definable and can be adapted to any recommendation