Rotary Positioners

Performance Series - EL/AZ Positioners: Heavy Duty

The Performance Series EL/AZ positioners represent the latest generation of multi-axis rotary positioning subsystems. They offer enhanced capabilities and improved performance relative to size, and incorporate new engineering advances.

These positioners provide accurate, balanced rotation, and controllable velocity. Their rugged yet straight-forward construction ensures maximum reliability and trouble-free operation, yielding the best size and weight/performance ratio. Typically, the unit includes the body, precise slew bearings, DC motor, gear reducer, encoder/synchro, and limit switch assemblies. The AUT mounting surface is designed with a threaded mounting hole pattern for ease of use. A Safe/Operate switch is included to ensure safety.


  • AL-4286-1 -
  • AL-4287-1 -
  • AL-4288-1 -
  • AL-4289-1
Performance Series - EL/AZ Positioners: Heavy Duty


  • General purpose positioning subsystem
  • Far-field & near-field antenna measurements
  • Indoor & outdoor use


  • Vertical loads ranging from 28,600 to 40,000 lbs (12,970 to 18,140 kg)
  • AUT mounting interface diameters ranging from 30.0 to 48.0 in (762 to 1,220 mm)
  • Optimum performance relative to size
  • Excellent angular position accuracy
  • Low backlash design
  • Precision bearings
  • Closed-loop servo control
  • Industry-standard wiring
  • Tachometer for optimum speed regulation & control
  • Wide operating temperature range: -4º F to 140º F (-20º C to 60º C)
  • Fully enclosed design of drive gear train & data take-off
  • Counter weight option
  • Wide variety of available options