Advancements in Antenna Measurement Techniques: MVG's Contributions at AMTA 2023


Advancements in Antenna Measurement Techniques: MVG's Contributions at AMTA 2023

发表于 02/10/2023 18:00:00

The Antenna Measurement Techniques Association (AMTA) 2023 Symposium is a pivotal event for young or experienced engineers, researchers, and scientists interested in the field of antenna measurement and related areas. MVG is set to present a series of insightful research papers at this year's symposium. These papers promise to offer fresh perspectives and open discussions on innovation in the realm of antenna measurement techniques:


  • Updated Status on the Activities of the EurAAP Working Group on Antenna Measurements



  • Antenna Coupling Evaluation Based on Accurate Measured Source Models and Simulations
  • Planar Wide Mesh Scanning using Linear Multi-Probe Systems
  • Compact RCS Test Range Feed Carousel and Baffle House Design



  • Accurate Evaluation of Antenna Measurement Range Performance with the SWE Transmission Formula
  • Experimental Validation of Linear Multiprobe Arrays for Fast and Accurate PNF Antenna Characterizations
  • Validation of OTA Measurement Setup at 28GHz Using a Plan Wave Generator
  • Design and Validation of Quasi Ideal Ultra-Wideband 3dB/180° Couplers for High Precision Spherical Near-Field Probes



  •  Accurate Antenna Characterization at UHF/VHF Frequencies with Plane Wave Generator Systems
  • Compact RCS Test Range Field Probing using a Shorted Antenna as Target

MVG's participation at AMTA 2023 underscores our commitment to advancing antenna measurement techniques. The papers our team are presenting hold the potential to open up new avenues and offer practical solutions to challenges in this specialized domain.

For a deeper understanding of antenna measurement techniques, opportunities to network, and more learning experiences from MVG, don’t miss the AMTA 2023 Symposium, taking place in Seattle, WA, October 8-13.

Join us at AMTA 2023