New Multi-axis Medium-duty Positioners with Virtual EL Axis


New Multi-axis Medium-duty Positioners with Virtual EL Axis

发表于 28/04/2022 14:00:00

Positioners are essential elements of antenna testing equipment necessary in the process of ensuring the reliability of antennas before they are integrated into any autonomous device. Positioners, like other equipment in the test chamber, can be sources of error in test results. For the most accurate measurements, such as for direction-finding antennas, it is therefore crucial to keep the positioner structure out of the measurement periphery.

MVG has developed as set of positioners which enable rotation of a device under test around its phase center by means of a unique virtual elevation axis. This virtual axis ensures that the mechanical support system remains behind the DUT as it is measured. Simultaneously, a 360° rotation in azimuth is performed, with the combined movements resulting in a fast and accurate measurement of the radiation pattern, antenna efficiency, and polarization without interference from the positioning structure.

These new virtual EL/AZ/roll positioners have been specifically designed for testing direction-finding or radar antennas. Increasingly implemented in autonomous vehicles for collision avoidance while triggering automatic features in conjunction, these antennas can also be successfully deployed on mobile equipment such as forklifts, mining vehicles, or port machinery.

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