Unleash Superior Performance with MVG Wideband Dual-Ridge Horns!


Unleash Superior Performance with MVG Wideband Dual-Ridge Horns!

发表于 20/11/2023 16:00:00

We are excited to bring you the latest updates and advancements in antenna technology with our flagship product – the MVG wideband dual-ridge horns!


Why MVG wideband dual-ridge horns? Our wideband dual-ridge horns have become the industry standard for high-reliability reference antennas. As such they have been selected for use in international measurement facility comparison campaigns, reaffirming their superior performance and reliability.

"The MVG dual-ridge horns have been selected as high reliability reference antennas in international measurement facility comparison campaigns"  L.J. Foged, B. Bencivenga, L. Scialacqua, S. Pivnenko, O. Breinbjerg, M. Sierra-Castañer, P.C. Almena, E. Seguenot, C. Sabatier, M. Bottcher, E. Arnaud, T. Monediere, H. Garcia, D. Allenic, G. Hampton, A. Daya, “Facility comparison and evaluation using dual ridge horns”, EuCAP 2009, Berlin

Key features:

  • Wide frequency coverage: Just one antenna covers a broad range of frequencies. MVG wideband dual-ridge horns are available starting from 100 MHz and going up to 50 GHz.
  • High reliability: Stiff and robust mechanical design ensures gain stability with no nulls over frequency.
  • Unmatched performance: Unique design prevents the excitation of unwanted higher order modes in the aperture and provides well-defined smooth radiation patterns across their operational bandwidth.


Best seller alert! Join countless satisfied customers who have made our MVG wideband dual-ridge horns the best seller in our product lineup. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your antenna measurement system with cutting-edge technology.


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