EMV 2022


Cologne - Germany


EMV 2022

Europe’s premier event for the advancement of electromagnetic compatibility technology. The event provides an overview of the latest products and developments in the industry. Meet international exhibitors and learn new insight in the conferences and the hands-on workshops. The event provides experts with a dedicated platform to actively work on creating an interference-free future.

Join us in Workshop 11 on Wednesday, July 13. This workshop will highlight the various challenges for automotive manufacturers, from OEMs, test infrastructure system providers, test equipment, and a methodology point of view. MVG will contribute its expertise in system-level performance testing of full-scale vehicles.

Workshop 11: Meeting Radio Regulatory Requirements on Vehicle Level

  • Boundary conditions and legal requirements
  • Technical challenges for test infrastructure
  • Measurement set ups, requirements and solutions
  • Processes, methods and tools as well as interfaces to the general product development process of a vehicle
  • And lots more

The first part of the workshop gives insight into the particular disciplines, the second part is planned to be an open discussion allowing to deepen single aspects.

Date : Wednesday 13 July 2022, 08:45 - 12:00

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