2x2 MIMO Downlink OTA Measurement based on CTIA Guidelines



Wireless industry through 3G Partnership Project (3GPP), and CTIA The Wireless Association has been studying, validating, and standardizing the 2x2 MIMO Downlink OTA tests since 2009. Especially, CTIA has already provided the guidelines for the MIMO OTA tests in both the Spatial Multiplexing, and Transmit Diversity scenarios [1]. After highlighting some background of the well-documented Spatial Fading Emulation Technique [3-4-5] in which an array of eight dual polarized antennas and a fading Emulator is used, the paper is presenting the MIMO OTA results of a testing campaign. The Absolute Throughput is the Figure of Merit for MIMO OTA and it has been measured versus both the power and the SIR (Signal to Interference Ratio) at the DUT (device under test) location. It has also been reported in a way that a visual representation of the DUT behavior as a function of the azimuth rotation is given.