AMTA 2022

from 09/10 to 14/10 2022

Denver, Colorado - USA

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AMTA 2022

Advancing antenna technology gives rise to continual research and development to meet the needs of wireless devices, vehicules, or infrastructures. Today, with technology accelerating at an exponential pace, and the world becoming more connected yet working more remotely, we need opportunities for more collaboration and coordination than ever before.   
AMTA, the Antenna Measurement Techniques Association, has been a stalwart ship for the development and dissemination of theory, best practices and applications of antenna, radar signature and other electromagnetic measurement technologies. For more than 43 years, it has organized the annual AMTA Symposium, bringing together industry experts and academic researchers in the field to learn, collaborate, and advance antenna measurement techniques to the next level.
MVG is a long-time contributor to AMTA. We continue to appreciate the collaboration, insights and ideas generated by the group at each annual event.
This year at AMTA 2022, we will present and open discussions on results from several promising experiment/ test projects. The following papers will be presented by Lars Foged, Francesco Saccardi, Shoaib Anwar, and Andrea Giacomini:

  • Reduced Distance OTA Testing Methodologies for Automotive Applications
  • Testing of a 60 MHz Cubesat in an Electrically Small Environment with a Synthetic Probe Array Technique



  • Experimental Validation of Non-Invasive SAR Evaluations from Measurements and Numerically Assisted Post Processing
  • Design and Verification of Wideband Spherical NF Probes with High Modular Purity



  • Experimental Validation of PWG for 5G New Radio FR2 Applications

We will also share updates on the IEEE standard 1720 currently under revision, and discuss activities of the EurAAP Working Group on Antenna Measurements. Here is the Conference Program to help you plan your agenda.
We look forward to meeting and seeing you at AMTA 2022, taking place October 9-15, in Denver, Colorado.

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