Academic and Research Institutions

Maintaining class-leading microwave laboratories to ensure students of electromagnetic science gain hands-on experience of the latest industry advancements, is a challenge faced by academic and research institutions the world over.

MVG is proud to offer a specially designed range of affordable, highly flexible, industry-standard measurement systems for education and training. Offering state-of-the-art technology with only the functionality needed for education.

MVG wishes to support university researchers and their students’ needs for equipment that advances their research and propels their drive to innovate. That is why we are initiating a discount program on hardware and software for research universities* working on next generation wireless technologies.

*Qualifying educational institutions 

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Antenna Development

Starting from antenna prototyping to fully operational device measurements, MVG measurement systems and software effectively and efficiently supports...
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Monitoring EMF (Academic and Research Institutions)

MVG has designed a PPM especially for the purpose of human exposure to electromagnetic field studies.