5G Solutions

Whether testing wireless devices, Base Transceiver Stations, or IoT devices, MVG offers a range of solutions covering all OTA and MIMO testing needs including the latest specifications of 5G New Radio and its mmWaves frequencies.

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See MVG World solution : 5G Testing

5G Testing

Meet the challenges of 5G New Radio including mmWave frequencies, with 5G test and measurement solutions designed for the 5G frequency...
See MVG World solution : OTA Testing

OTA Testing

Evaluate the performance of a device and monitor its interactions with the network as it would in the real-world through OTA Testing.
See MVG World solution : BTS Measurement

BTS Measurement

Measurement solutions for Base Transceiver Station (BTS) supporting MIMO technology and featuring high levels of integration of numerous antennas and...
See MVG World solution : MIMO Testing

MIMO Testing

Understanding the end-to-end connectivity performance of a multiple-antenna system with MIMO OTA testing.
See MVG World solution : Testing Wearable Antennas

Testing Wearable Antennas

Testing the performance of antennas integrated in compact, mobile and body-worn devices is essential to overcome body interference and achieve optimal...
See MVG World solution : IoT Testing

IoT Testing

Testing IoT devices to ensure optimal connectivity, battery life and coexistence.
See MVG World solution : Antenna Radiation Pattern Measurement

Antenna Radiation Pattern Measurement

In antenna design, true tests and measurements of an antenna before and after integration in its end product provide the most accurate means to validate...