Empowering Innovation with Advanced Antenna Measurement Systems

MVG offers the broadest choice of solutions based on near-field, far-field and compact range measurement techniques for Antenna, EMC, RCS and Radome testing. Our solutions support the measurement needs of the Aerospace & Defense, Telecommunications and Automotive industries, as well as Academic and Research institutes. MVG standard systems are customizable, facilitating selection, allowing for specifications, and guaranteeing an upgrade path for the enhancement of system capabilities. From components and parts to full turn-key solutions, the right combination enables our customers to meet specific measurement needs in a variety of testing configurations.

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Cutting-Edge Measurement Systems for Accurate Antenna Testing and Development

MVG offers a comprehensive portfolio of antenna measurement systems that cater to diverse testing requirements. Our turn-key solutions include absorbing materials, shielded chambers, positioners, compact ranges, multi-probe systems, single-probe systems, and measurement control software.

Our antenna measurement systems incorporate cutting-edge technologies such as MV-Scan and advanced precision electro-mechanical technology to provide fast, accurate, and smart solutions. MV-Scan technology enables faster measurements and increased accuracy by electronically scanning an array of probes, optimizing the antenna development process, and enhancing measurement facilities. The advanced precision electro-mechanical technology offers real-time control of positioning sub-systems, fast measurements with high-speed linear motors, and increased accuracy with the MV-Cor correction table service.

Choose MVG for cutting-edge antenna measurement systems that align with your product visions and needs. We proactively drive the development of immediately applicable antenna test solutions, ensuring that our products remain at the leading edge of what the market requires. With a global presence and dedicated customer support, we are committed to meeting your specific antenna measurement needs and propelling your development and testing processes forward.

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