With highly skilled teams across the world and over 400 dedicated employees, we proudly serve the telecommunications, aerospace&defence, automotive, academic and research communities.

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The continuous evolution of wireless and smart connectivity comes with unique and ever-changing measurement requirements. MVG is proud to deliver to...
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Aerospace & Defense

MVG is continually developing its range of near-field, far-field and Compact Range technologies for the testing and certification of airborne, shipborne,...
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As wireless connectivity becomes a key driver for the global automotive industry, car manufacturers and their subcontractors are turning to MVG for turnkey...
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Consumer Electronics

From electromagnetic compatibility to connectivity performance, MVG offers a host of turnkey antenna and EMC testing and certification systems, including...
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Academic and Research Institutions

Maintaining  reputable antenna, electromagnetic, & RF test labs to support research students in their technological advances, as well as provide...
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