Advanced High-Precision Positioning Equipment

The performance of a positioning subsystem plays a key role in measurement results. With balanced rotation and controlled velocity, advanced high-precision positioners will carry out precise movements, facilitating the required accuracy of a measurement. MVG positioners are designed to minimize reflectivity and maximize accurate antenna measurement results.

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MVG-Orbit/FR positioning systems provide the highest accuracy in motion and controllable velocity for the positioning of devices under test (DUT). Their robust and straight-forward design ensures maximum safety and reliability in operation. The systems continuously yield outstanding size and weight/performance ratios. Countless positioner and slide combinations are configurable for your specific test requirements.

Our rotary positioner solutions include industry standard single-axis and multi-axis platforms. From small 20 cm wide multi-axis to extra-large turntables for the positioning of aircraft under test. Our latest generation of multi-axis rotary positioning subsystems offers enhanced capabilities and improved performance relative to size. Recent low-profile configurations and state-of-the art electronics ensure the high accuracy and precision our positioners are well-known for.

Choose from a wide selection of model tower assemblies to support antenna test ranges. Model towers act as the supporting interface between the antenna under test (AUT) and the rest of the positioning subsystem. They provide polarization and linear motion.

Linear positioners provide measurement flexibility by positioning the device under test (DUT) along a linear axis. Several can be combined to increase freedom of movement and accuracy of positioning.

Linear scanners are useful either for the accurate positioning of the DUT or the travel of the measurement probe during a near-field plane wave test. They are to be selected according to application, size of DUT, and necessary travel distance.

Positioner controllers, Power Control Units (PCUs), and accessories to support antenna and RCS test range needs complete the portfolio. With both sequential and simultaneous control products, their architecture gives flexibility to tailor the configurations to your requirements. Our design team has leveraged years of experience in the field, both as users and designers, to develop a generation of controllers that reflects the needs of day-to-day users. This approach has resulted in a widely popular family of controllers that are easy to use and include many practical features.

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