Are you looking for highly accurate antenna and connectivity testing systems for complex A&D applications? 

Aerospace & Defense

MVG is continually developing its range of near-field, far-field and Compact Range technologies for the testing and certification of airborne, shipborne, spaceborne, ground and vehicular platforms.


With more than 30-years’ experience servicing the aerospace and defense sectors, MVG can offer expertise in tailoring antenna, Radar Cross Section (RCS), Radome measurement systems and EMC testing technologies. 

Apache Helicopter
Aerospace & Defense
Antenna Test and Measurement

Our antenna test and measurement systems offer the Aerospace and Defense industry a range of fully customisable solutions, all with a set of diagnostic tools allowing you to develop the best in class antennas perfectly tailored to your needs.

Aerospace & Defense
Radome Measurement

Maintaining Radomes which conceal and protect vital antennas without interfering with or degrading transmission and receival capabilities, is imperative to the functioning of specialised navigation, safety, weather and fire control antennas. 

MVG’s Radome measurement systems are scalable, easy to use and simple to maintain. Delivering highly accurate and repeatable results, including the simultaneous measurement of BSE and TE in one complete Radome scan.

STarBot 4300
Aerospace & Defense
In the Field Aircraft/Vehicle Antenna Testing

When it comes to the radar testing and maintenance of aircraft mounted antennas, MVG offers portable technologies which can perform these vital tests in-situ. 

By bringing the testing equipment to the aircraft, clients enjoy a wealth of time and cost-efficiencies, alongside accurate and highly-detailed test results.

Rafale Radar Antenna
Aerospace & Defense
Active Array Calibration & Measurement

Phased array antennas are the solution of choice for military application. The correct calibration of these antennas is paramount for this industry.

Using the very latest calibration measurement techniques, we can reconstruct the relative phase between individual radiating elements to form a collimated antenna beam. For active phased array antenna, the amplitude and phase for each element is also processed by powerful post-processing tools to verify the desired aperture taper, or beam shape.

Antenna onboard ship
Aerospace & Defense
Semi-directive Array Antenna Testing

With a suite of state-of-the-art technologies available for semi-directive antenna testing, MVG offers solutions that perform highly accurate tests across all linear array antenna parameters, including gain, directivity, beam tilt, beam width, sidelobe level, cross polar discrimination and front-to-back ratio.

Our portfolio offers both compact range and multi-probe arch systems to suit a variety of requirements and budgets.


Valkyrie demonstrator
Aerospace & Defense
Full Scale Aircraft Measurement

MVG provides facilities and components capable of testing full scale aircraft for antenna measurements, EW assessment, DF assessment, and other applications.

With a selection of large planar near-field systems, in vertical, tilted or horizontal geometries, large quiet zone compact ranges and scalable multiprobe arches, MVG can build with you the solution taylored to your particular needs.

RCS Pylon
Aerospace & Defense
Radar Cross Section (RCS) Testing

Gather and analyse accurate Radar Cross Section (RCS) measurements for airborne, seaborne, ground and vehicular platforms with MVG’s portfolio of scalable turnkey solutions, including anechoic chambers, reflectors, string reel target manipulation systems, pylons  and illuminating diagonal horns.

Understand how detectable a platform is by radar, with the full support of our dedicated team.

Aerospace & Defense

Satellite Antenna Test & Measurement

As communication, navigation, and national security and surveillance via satellite are now integral to our daily lives, the reliability of the information and speed at which it is obtained must continually advance and improve. MVG offers complete antenna test and measurement solutions to validate the performance and reliability of satellite connectivity and satellite communication capabilities at every level; from testing subsystems and components to fully integrated assemblies on complete satellites, MVG provides the means to ensure stable satellite connectivity.

Jeep in Antenna Measurement Chamber
Aerospace & Defense
Vehicular Test Systems

MVG’s portfolio of reliable electromagnetic measurement and system performance evaluation systems is constantly evolving in line with wireless connectivity in military-grade vehicles, such as those used in the defense sector.

Tank in EMC chamber
Aerospace & Defense
EMC Testing

We have designed and installed EMC testing solutions for the aerospace and defence industries for more than three decades. With the highest quality shielded enclosures and anechoic chambers, complete with shielded doors and absorption materials, we are renowned for the quality and operational ease of our systems. 

Radar mounted on vehicle in the field
Aerospace & Defense
RF Safety

Accurate measurement of the electromagnetic field is crucial in maintaining an appropriate level of exposure for workers in high-risk environments. 

The latest products in MVG’s PPM range can continuously detect even the most challenging fast varying signals, including the pulsed signals emitted by radars. Whatever your measurement needs, our personal devices cover the wide range of 80MHz – 30GHz.

Data center
Aerospace & Defense
Electromagnetic Pulse Protection

Protecting important electrical assets from natural or man made disruptive and potentially damaging electromagnetic pulses, or transient electromagnetic disturbances, is vital for many organisations. 

MVG offers a complete range of EMP protection solutions including; Faraday enclosures of all sizes, EMP data and power line filters, EMP Ethernet converter units and much more.