Do you need to test and certify consumer electronics quickly and accurately?

Consumer Electronics


From electromagnetic compatibility to connectivity performance, MVG offers a host of turnkey antenna and EMC testing and certification systems, including chambers, equipment and services.



Delivering rapid, highly accurate data, in true-to-life, repeatable environments, keeping time-to-market at an absolute minimum.

Consumer Electronics
IoT Testing

The testing challenges of IoT for consumer electronic devices are unique and constantly evolving. So too are our testing systems, with solutions specifically optimised for IoT such as NB-IoT, LoRa, Sigfox, LTE-M, as well as 5G.

From ensuring the wireless connectivity performs as expected, to optimising the performance of antennas and certifying to various global and regional standards, MVG’s IoT testing solutions are trusted worldwide for the deliverance of accurate, reliable results in a compact, cost and time-effective manner.

Consumer Electronics
OTA Testing

Over-the-Air testing (OTA testing) is a crucial process in the research and development, production and certification of consumer electronic devices. MVG is proud to deliver to market an ever-evolving range of OTA testing systems which meet the needs of manufacturers across the full spectrum of usable bandwidths, including the latest 5G mmWave frequencies. 

Our systems are compact, accurate and easy to use, making OTA testing a stress-free, time and cost-efficient process, even in the fast-paced landscape of consumer electronics development.

Consumer Electronics

Testing the connectivity of wearable technology comes with a unique set of challenges. With a short time to market imperative, plus faultless connectivity, the reduction in efficiency when in close proximity to the human body and the drive for smaller wearable devices are key challenges for any class-leading antenna testing solution.

MVG has harnessed probe array technology to create a range of testing systems suited to wearables, thanks to its unique use of near-field spherical geometry for the fast and accurate testing of devices whilst they are worn by a real person in numerous positions.  

Consumer Electronics
EMC Testing

We design, manufacture and install the highest quality shielded enclosures and anechoic chambers, complete with shielded doors, absorbers and more companies within the consumable electronics space.

Our class-leading range of anechoic chambers and absorption materials have been used by this industry for decades for a wide range of products big and small. 

Many leading manufacturers of consumer electronics invest in MVG technology to test, verify, improve and certify their products throughout the development process.

Consumer Electronics
SAR and HAC Testing

For the pre-test and certification measurement of wireless devices and integrated antennas, MVG has innovated a portfolio of SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) and HAC (Hearing Aid Compatibility) testing systems, capable of reducing expenses and creating time-efficiencies during the R&D phase of consumer electronic device development. 

MVG’s experts will assist you in getting the very best from your test results, as well as ensuring your test system is future proofed with specific calibration equipment and support services available.