AEROLAB is Fast, Accurate, and Compact: an Advanced Test Solution for Aircraft Nose Radome Repair Validation Testing

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Published on 04/09/2020 16:00:00

With the higher accuracy test result requirements imposed by the latest version of the RTCA-D0-213A, the increasing pressure to repair and test radomes at a much faster rate than traditional test systems can perform, and the space constraints modern business tends to impose, the industry has been in need of a fast, accurate, and compact solution for radome repair validation testing.   

Intended to supersede single-probe radome test systems for this purpose, the AeroLab is an advanced near-field multi-probe measurement system, specifically designed to test commercial aircraft radomes with the speed and accuracy of renowned MVG multi-probe array technology, and within the space of an anechoic chamber no bigger than 4m x 4m x 5m. 

Key benefits of AeroLab: 

*RTCA-DO-213A test requirements covered: transmission efficiency, sidelobe levels, beam width  

*Flexibility in test installations 

*Testbed footprint minimized  

*Record time gained in the repair and test process 

Watch the short video showing the advanced oversampling capabilities and flexibility in the tripod positioner, then download the datasheet to learn more on how AeroLab will help your team gain accuracy, space and time in radome repair and testing.

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