Discover how the SG Evo is built!

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Discover how the SG Evo is built!

Published on 06/07/2022 16:00:00

With the evolution to 5G, new ways to connect are emerging that will help bridge the digital divide and remove the last mile barrier. As a contribution to the advent of these new technologies, MVG has developed SG Evo, a multi-probe array test system for the spherical near-field measurement and OTA testing of heavy-duty Devices Under Test (DUT).

This system is customizable to meet the testing requirements of large devices such as base transceiver stations, aircraft, vehicles, or spacecraft. It features a mechanical movement of the arch which avoids rotation in elevation of the DUT as it provides unlimited oversampling. This technique eliminates gravitational deflections of the DUT and azimuth positioner, resulting in ultra-fast and highly accurate measurements. SG Evo can also be customized to cover frequency bands between 400 MHz and 50 GHz.

Watch how we build a 10-meter-high SG Evo in less than 20 seconds!

For system quality control before shipment to its final destination, we recently assembled a 10-meter-high SG Evo in our factory, and we captured it on video! Discover how the SG Evo takes shape in this time-lapse video of its construction:

Watch the video