From New book: Recent Topics in Electromagnetic Compatibility

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From New book: Recent Topics in Electromagnetic Compatibility

Published on 16/03/2022 13:44:19

MVG is happy to share the work of Rubén Tena Sánchez, Manuel Sierra Castañer, and our colleague Lars Jacob Foged.

From the book "Recent Topics in Electromagnetic Compatibility", discover this chapter dedicated to EMC measurement setups based on near-field multi-probe systems. 


Multi-probe spherical near-field measurements are a potent tool for fast and accurate characterization of electrical properties of antennas. The use of fast switching in one axis, an azimuth positioner, and a near- to far-field transformation allows a substantial time reduction in antenna measurements while maintaining high-quality results.

On the other hand, conventional EMC measurement systems are typically based on detecting the radiated spurious emissions by a device at different frequencies. The systems usually work in far-field (or quasi-far-field conditions), performing the measurements either at 3 or 10 meters. Measurements under these conditions require both considerable space and time.

Moreover, the systems are not cost effective for pre-compliance purposes, where pre-testing of the device should provide valuable information and confidence about the DUT before performing a compliance test.

This chapter analyzes the possibility of cost and space reduction for EMC systems based on multi-probe near-field measurement systems in combination with OTA (over the air) measurements, reference-less systems, spherical near-field transformation, phase reconstruction, modal filtering, source reconstruction, and software-defined radio receivers.

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