How are EMFs Monitored for RF Safety

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How are EMFs Monitored for RF Safety

Published on 30/09/2020 16:30:00

As we test and integrate increasing numbers of antennas into devices enabled by advancing wireless connectivity technology, we pay attention to the frequency and power of the electromagnetic fields in order to meet standards and recommendations for the safety of users. But what about the individuals who work with or on antennas; whose job is to install, test and maintain their operability? Are they exposed to the same EMF levels as the average mobile phone user? How can they be sure they are not being over-exposed to sometimes powerful EMFs of the antennas they may need to test or repair?    

For those working on antennas, a personal protection monitor (PPM) will warn them when EMF levels exceed RF safety recommendations, helping them feel secure on the job. PPMs use antenna measurement techniques to evaluate the electromagnetic fields surrounding the device. Want to find out how? Read more about PPMs and how antenna measurement is linked to RF safety monitoring.

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