Introducing the New mm-Wave Chip Reference Antennas!

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Introducing the New mm-Wave Chip Reference Antennas!

Published on 30/11/2016 16:00:00

MVG presents the New mm-Wave Chip Reference Antennas, specifically developed as reference or “gold” standard antennas for micro-probed antenna measurements and, designed to interface with 150 μm through 250 μm pitch GSG micro-probes. These reference antennas can be used in MVG-ORBIT/FR’s μ- Lab millimeter wave antenna test chamber or any other 60 GHz antenna measurement system where a GSG micro-probed antenna reference is needed.

There are three different versions for upper/lower hemisphere and two polarization orientations. Each antenna comes with a unique Serial Number for traceability.

They offer the following technical performance:

  • High stability
  • High efficiency
  • Excellent correlation between measurements and analysis


The mm Wave Chip Reference Antennas are available now. Contact your sales rep for more information!

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