MiniLAB | 6 GHz OTA - IoT & OTA Testing, Yes You Can!

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MiniLAB | 6 GHz OTA - IoT & OTA Testing, Yes You Can!

Published on 23/10/2017 16:00:00

With Internet of Things, the connected society is becoming a reality. MVG, at the Forefront of 5G Wireless Connectivity, is pleased to announce the launch of MiniLAB | 6 GHz OTAmaking IoT and OTA testing more accessible than ever!

MiniLAB I 6 GHz OTA has been optimized to handle the OTA wireless testing of the various protocols used for Internet of Things applications, as well as all the standard protocols used for Smartphones. Starting below 1GHz, it is capable of handling LPWAN protocols such as LoRa, SigFox as well as the cellular protocols optimized for IoT such as LTE-M and NB-IOT. Covering the entire frequency range up to 6GHz it is prepared to handle the future 5G frequency bands expected to be used for IoT applications.

Accurate, easy to use and mobile, the MiniLAB I 6 GHz OTA is a combination of a turn-key wireless test system and a compact and perfectly shielded box. The automation of the test system and the intuitive user interface enables companies with no experience in antenna testing to efficiently perform OTA testing with high accuracy.

The affordable price point, ease of use and compact size enables companies targeting these new markets and products to benefit from MiniLAB I 6 GHz OTA for testing and optimizing wireless performance.

The MiniLAB I 6 GHz OTA is the perfect solution for:

  • IoT measurements, M2M, wearable devices
  • Smartphones, tablets, laptops
  • Full radiation visualization


With the MiniLAB I 6 GHz OTA, you can now test and optimize wireless performance of your IoT devices, and ultimately be on time to embrace the growing IoT business opportunities worldwide.

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