MVG presents the new EMF Visual software

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MVG presents the new EMF Visual software

Published on 10/12/2018 17:00:00

EMF Visual now with Beam Steering function for simulations using 5G Massive MIMO antennas

EMF Visual is an electromagnetic simulation software which can accurately simulate exposure in both near and far field of antennas while taking into account its environment.

The coming 5th generation of mobile radio communication (5G) will use Massive MIMO antennas with Beam Steering technique to actively control the direction of propagation.

EMF Visual now integrates a new Massive MIMO antenna database with 2D array antennas working at 3.5GHz28GHz39GHz together with a dedicated function for easily adjusting the beam steering range in azimuth and elevation.

With the Beam Steering function for Massive MIMO antennas, EMF Visual allows users to visualize either a particular orientation of the main lobe or the global envelop with all the possible orientations at the same time for site compliance checking purposes.

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