MVG Releases AM Software Upgrade for the US Market: 959 SPECTRUM v7

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MVG Releases AM Software Upgrade for the US Market: 959 SPECTRUM v7

Published on 21/04/2017 17:00:00

959 SPECTRUM, MVG’s acquisition and analysis software suite designed specifically for the US market, has recently been upgraded with new practical, time-saving features to automate and transform the antenna measurement and analysis process.

The new 959 Spectrum V7, developed by MVG-Orbit/FR features:  

  • NF to FF transforms - With real time plot previews for immediate access to incoming data allowing you to adjust settings directly. Say goodbye to reprocessing!
  • Scripting - Use test parameter files to initialize the acquisition and focus on programming the changes. All scripting environments that support COM can be used.
  • Dynamic Limits technology – Obstacles in the chamber are no longer an issue!
  • Multi-probe measurement acquisition capabilities - It is as simple to configure as a single probe system setup and supports measurements as well as calibration for both multi-probe or single-probe systems.
  • Echo reduction tool box - Filter out spurious echoes in near-field and far-field measurements, optimize the AUT minimum sphere, and improve the accuracy of your measurement results.

Last but not least, 959 Spectrum V7 adds flexibility in its test parameter area and supports Windows 10!

The new 959 Spectrum V7 now includes these new capabilities to make the measurement process easier, faster and more effective than ever.

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