The Latest PPM in Occupational RF Safety: Introducing the EME Guard Plus

Introducing the EME Guard PLUS

MVG is proud to launch the EME Guard Plus, its most advanced personal RF safety monitor to date.

With a durable design and practical armband, inspired by MVG’s EME Guard XS product portfolio, the EME Guard Plus is lighter and easier to carry on the job than the previous model. It has a six-point LED warning system, accompanied by adjustable audio and vibrating alarms, designed to alert the users when they have reached predetermined thresholds of exposure between 5 and 137 V/m.

Offering data logging and file transfer via USB, this new model has an upper detection limit of 350 V/m, user-adjustable reference thresholds between 28 V/m and 137 V/m, and can monitor frequency bands down to 1 MHz and up to 40 GHz. It has greater autonomy and extended memory capacity, enabling more measurements to be recorded, up to 493,000 measurement points.